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The Office Salon is located in the Arcadia community of Central Phoenix. The salon offers a fun, yet quality-driven salon to meet the demands of your hair fashion needs. Because we care about your look as much as you do, The Office Salon provides an extensive line of haircare products from Davines. The partnership between The Office Salon and Davines share an equal mission to inspire and improve the work life quality of worldwide beauty. 


When it comes to the philosophy of our salon, there are 3 things that we believe in most:


1. AFFORDABILITY - Everyone deserves top-quality haircare at a reasonable price. 


2. CULTURE - Our stylists bring their own style and individuality into the salon. Thier goal with each client is to achieve a look that perfectly fits the client's comfort and style. The enviroment of our salon is a fun and relaxing place where everyone is welcome. We consider our salon a second home, so people will find it to be a comfortable place. We love getting to know our clients, and we make it easy for them to feel right at home along with us. We are a team of professionals with a lot of personality who absolutely love what we do!




3. EDUCATION - Each day is an opportunity to learn something new, at least that's how we see it. Our stylists are experts at what they do, but always strive to perfect their craft. We make it a point to keep up on new techniques and trends so that we are able to provide our clientel with a full range of services. We share our haircare and product knowledge with our clients so that they can practice new techniques and styling at home. Every client is different when it comes to their hairtype, so we want to help find what works best for them.

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